Letter fun!Curriculum

Our carefully planned curriculum is tailored to the needs of the individual child allowing them to progress successfully through the Early Years Foundation Stage and foster a love of learning.

Through skilful observation and assessment, activities and opportunities are planned to encourage the children to gain pre-school skills with the minimum of pressure and lots of fun.

A balance of child initiated and adult led activities encourages the children to discover a wide range of subjects through play and exploration and prepares them to progress confidently onto the next stage of their learning.

There is a safe and totally enclosed patio, which is used daily for a variety of activities and a larger soft surface playground to the rear of our building as well as a decked sand and soil play area in the front.

The nursery school recognises the importance of working with parents in all aspects of the care and education of their child. We welcome their input and knowledge and are happy to discuss any aspect of their child's development.